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Visual Editors. No Coding
With our visual editors, all you need is your idea, and simple clicks, drags & typing. No technical knowledge is required to build a chatbot on Coren.

Team Collaboration
Teamwork is very important everywhere! Which is why we've integrated a team collaboration feature into Coren. This feature will allow you and your team to work together on Chat Flows from separate accounts.

Hence, if you are a web developer looking to integrate a Coren Chatbot on your clients' website, this will be of great significance as you will only work on the Chat Flows without accessing your clients' account.

Flow Transfer
As part of our mission to make chatbots easily accessible to everyone, we've incorporated this feature to bridge the gap between people who can build chatbots and people who cannot.

With Bot Flow transfer, a user can build and transfer bot Flows to another user's account, hence, if you run a busy business and don't the time to build a bot, you can always outsource it to a chatbot developer on Coren.

Bot Store
The bot store is a marketplace for our users to easily share and access bot flow templates. A chatbot developer can build and share bot flows (FREE or PAID) to allow other users to access and install it on their account.

This helps users to get started with a wide variety of bot templates and also allow some users earn some side income from selling bot flows.

Built-in Survey Analysis
With our built-in survey analysis feature, you can easily & visually get calculated results from your audience's responses. No need to use a third-party application to fully conduct a survey.

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Human Take-over
With our built-in live chat feature, you can provide your users with the option of getting a live human support. Should a user request for a live chat, you'll immediately get a text & email notification with a link, which you can use to join the conversation.

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