Coren allows businesses to easily build and integrate chatbots directly on their website to help engage customers.

24/7 Engagement
Don't let your office hours affect how you attend to your customers. Continue to engage them even when you're asleep or on that vacation.

"Chatbots don't sleep, and customers 4X more likely to interact with your website when there's a conversation driven machine on it "

1 Bot for the Job
1 chatbot on your website is all you'll need to attend to an unlimited number of customers at any given time, as opposed to human representatives who are limited to a certain number of customers at a time.

"How much is your business spending on customer service?"

Targeted Conversations
You could engage potential customers in predefined conversation flows to help boost conversion & sales rates

For instance, if a potential customer asks about your pricing.
You can provide the answer they need, and then further engage them in a conversation to increase the chances of them buying or using your product/service

"Isn't this better than an FAQ page?"

Hi, I'm Dr. Lexa's Bot. How may I assist you? 😃

How much does a session cost?

It's $35 per session 🙂

Would you like to book now? If you do, I'll give you a $5 discount, so you'll only pay $30 😃

Yes! 😃 Later

Engagement Tracking
With our built-in analytics, you can see where your customers are coming from, and how they're interacting with your chatbot. It doesn't just end there; you also get to see where most of your audience/customers are coming from.

These are all set to provide you with some good amount of data, to better help you make better, strategic decisions in the future.

"Kinda like a simple Google Analytics"

Built-in tools
Coren has certain built-in features which allow you do most of your work on the platform without having to pay for other services. Currently, we have survey analysis, file storage, sending dynamic emails, and payment processing.

We are currently working on an app store which will contain several applications you may need to run your business successfully. The cool part about this is, you'll be accessing the apps with your current plan, no extra payment needed.

"Do more in one place, Save More"

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